December 03, 2009

Club News Update

The schedule has been finalized and will inculde the first Sunday of each month beginning in March and continuing through September. The exceptions are April 11th instead of April 4th. Seems Easter falls in there somewhere. The other is we will have no shoot in July since the first Sunday falls on July 4th.
March 7
April 11
May 2
June 6
August 1
September 5

We'll be shooting the same classes and we'll be shooting from the same stakes as last year. There will be an increase in entry fees this year with non-members fee being $10.00 and members fee being reduced to $5.00.

Reduction of the fee for members is not the only benefit for members. Members also compete for Shooter of the Year awards, receive a club tee shirt, are eligible for the Big Buck Contest, and can take part in the annual members dinner for them and their family.

Our member dinner will be January 15th, 2010 with the site to be announced.

We won't be hosting an ASA state qualifier this year as we have in past years. We've attempted to host qualifiers in the past but participation has been low and haven't produced many shooters for the state championship.

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