March 01, 2010

March 7th Shoot-BRING BOOTS!!

If you've shot with us before you know that in the early part of the year there's gonna be water on the range. The heavy rains last fall and winter have created some new gullies and ditches as well as enlarged some others.

When John and Tom were out with their assistant scouting for target locations the ground was thawing a little which meant mud...and quite a bit of it. Of course the main creek is going to be involved in a number of shots.

The forecast is for sunny with temperatures in the 50's so it should be a great day for shooting.

We've added a number of new McKenzies so we'll be able to mix and match this year with a number of different targets to challenge everyone who chooses to shoot Ouabache Trails.
Again, bring your boots as well as your A Game!

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Ashley C said...

Lots of fun! This was my first bow shoot EVER. I drove up yesterday morning with my husband from TN and we were very happy with the course. Thanks! Can't wait to see the posted results.