May 02, 2010

May 2nd Scores Are Up

The scores from Sunday May 2nd, are posted. Just click on the link below.

Those who decided to pass on this shoot because of the weather missed a good one. There was a lot of water, mud, and bugs, but that's all just part of it. A good slide down a muddy creek bank is a cheap thrill, right? There was a suggestion that we make muck boots mandatory, but I think they were joking.

Turn out was a little disappointing, but given the weather and the storms we've had the last two or three days it was understandable that folks might decide to stay indoors. But, the clouds parted, the sun shined, and the fifty or so shooters had a good shoot. Scores were on a par with the usual for the individual classes.

The turn-out of traditional shooters was higher than usual as was the number of Open class shooters. The oddest thing was the fact that there were no women shooting! Unusual for one of our shoots.

We can really use some more help at the June shoot as John Thompson and Chuck Roche will not be able to work the shoot. One of the officers will be contacting members to line up some help on setting up and taking down at the June shoot. We'll also need folks helping out on the concessions as well and sign up and registration. If you're interested in helping out, please call Jeremy Sullivan, John Thompson, or Chuck Roche. You can also click on "Comments" below and drop me an email.

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