April 14, 2010

April 11th Shoot

Although there were a number of shoots in the area Sunday there were some 65 shooters who showed up to shoot Ouabache Trails.

Everyone seemed to agree that it was a challenging range that required a careful look to determine the yardage in each of the classes. A check of the results shows just how close the classes were in terms of the top placings.

A number of the shooters enjoyed a cool drink and a burger or hot dog after their shoot. Taking time to discuss, or cuss, the day's scores was pretty much ongoing.

Sometimes the rewards are worth the effort. Just ask this hungry archer. Hot dogs are more important than scores any day!

Remember we shoot every first Sunday of the month, so put May 2nd on your schedule before you forget it.

Another big THANKS! goes out to all those who helped setting up and taking down the range. Thanks also to the Knox County Park Board for their continuing support.

April 12, 2010

Scores from April 11th

The scores from the April 11th shoot are posted up on the web site. Click on the link below.