September 07, 2010

September 5th Shoot

Considering the competition from Labor Day activities, our turn out for the final shoot of the year was not too shabby. The 60 or so shooters enjoyed a really great day for shooting 3D at Ouabache Trails Park.

There were a lot of compliments for John Thompson and Tom Tarter for the layout of the range for this year-ending shoot. They were able to include the uphill portion of the woods and were able to put in some shots we hadn't seen for awhile.

We want to thank everyone who came out to shoot with us this year and look forward to seeing you again next year. A special thanks goes to the people who supported the club with their dues this year. If you shot all six shoots you came out ahead on the money end of things; plus you got a spiffy tee shirt and will have a chance to join us at the annual dinner meeting where the Big Buck award will probably be announced.

A really big vote of thanks goes to those folks who took time to help set up the ranges on shoot day. Since we are limited to setting up and taking down the targets the day of the shoots we always appreciate any help that can be provided. I understand that we might be losing some of our good help next year and its going to be necessary to have some folks step forward and volunteer if we are to keep the club and its shoots alive in 2011.

See the scores page for the results of the September shoot. Click the link below.