January 28, 2011

Final Posting

This will be the final posting I will be making to this blog.

Due to the lack of support, there will be no shoots sponsored by the club this year given the current circumstances.

John Thompson, Tom Tarter, Jeremy Sullivan and I will no longer be available to set up and do the preparation work necessary for the shoots. It has just gotten to be too much work for too few people to do the preparation work and then do the setup, registration, concessions, and everything else that goes into putting on a shoot.

In addition, John Thompson, Jeremy Sullivan and I have decided to shoot some of the national shoots. However they are, for the most part, held on dates that include the first Sunday of the month. We did attempt to work out an arrangement with another property owner. We tried to trade Sundays with Bigfoot but they were not willing.
We have asked for more volunteers before in the web site and the newsletters but have not had much response.

The park is keeping the targets they purchased and might consider allowing someone else to put on shoots sometime in the future.

Remaining funds will be donated to youth archery programs such as the National Archery in the Schools Program.

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